Climate Rooms with Stand (Table)

PG-4X series climate chambers, which enable you to obtain the healthiest test results with the patented cold accumulation system developed by our R&D engineers, are also unique in the world with their low energy consumption.

Climate Rooms with Stand (Table) PG-4X

Climate room with stand (table), Fluorescent and HID lighting option


PG-4X series climate chambers with shelves, which can be designed in accordance with physical conditions, can offer their users an experimental area of ​​up to 21.12 m².


This system, which is extremely easy to program and maintain was manufactured using the most advanced components such as;


  • Stable Operation
  • Continuation of the program from where it should be when the power is cut off
  • SMPS power supply circuit resistant to voltage variations
  • Automatic leap year correction (Feb 29)
  • Making the program via the touch screen
  • IP65 Protection class in Program Interface
  • Less energy consumption
  • Report possible source of error
  • Keeping a record of the errors that have occurred with a time stamp
  • Experimental environment protection in case of error
  • Maximum test area relative to the footprint
  • Recording of retrospective study values
  • Observation of all parameters on the same screen
  • Encrypted dongle to prevent system parameters from being changed by unauthorized persons
  • High light
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